Women’s 21 Days of Prayer Challenge

August 31 - September 20  |  ChristWay Community Church

Ladies, we know 2020 has been rough. From the interruptions to the unexpected, we’re over it! But God has something for you even in this crazy season. Join with other ChristWay women for a 21-Day Prayer Challenge and discover how you can thrive wherever God has planted you! While there will be some discussion in the Women’s Ministry Facebook Group about the prayer challenge, you don’t have to be on Facebook. Everyone is welcome and all you need is 5-10 minutes a day.

The challenge starts Monday, August 31.

Sign up to get your free 21-Day Prayer Guide. You can print your own from a PDF or pick up a printed copy at the church office. Just drop by the doors at pond entrance on Mountain View Road to pick yours up.

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