What's it all about?


We don’t do something unless we have a reason for doing it. The reason why we do what we do is simple… love.

Jesus came to us as our Savior, died on the cross to extinguish our sin, and rose again in power over death because of his love for us! That great love is why we chose everyday to love God and to love others. Love is why.

Because we’re fueled by love, we don’t live under a fear that makes us feel that we have to be perfect and we won’t stand for others to live under that fear either. Grounded in Truth, we’re honest about who we are and who we want to be while giving ourselves and others grace in the in-between. Everything that we do begins and ends with love.

At ChristWay church, we are who we are because Jesus is who He is. The Love Is Why movement is really all about him, and we’d rather be known by Jesus’ name than any other name both here in Chattanooga and around the world. Love is why.


Here's how "Love is why" is impacting our community...

It was a gift that saved my children from being cold!

I am a single mother of 4 and I work 2 jobs to support my household and I am very grateful that I am able to do so. As my second job I work in a local restaurant as a server. I had a table of 6 adults that were seated in my section. I gave them good service but did not expect what they did for me. They gave me a Christmas card with a substantial amount of money in it and told me to have a Merry Christmas. They were gone before I could get back to their table to thank them. With their gift I was able to buy my children winter clothes and coats. I've been working 70 hours a week and was still not able to do this on my own. I wish I knew who they were because I would love to thank them in person and let them know their gift saved my children from being cold this winter and took a weight off my shoulder I was not able to lift myself. I dont know why they chose me, maybe they could see the exhaustion in my eyes or how hard I was working. Maybe they were told by God I was the one. Whatever it was, it has changed my life.

It was a little touch from heaven!

Last night, I was in the drive through at Starbucks in Cleveland. I was with two of my friends, and, when we got to the window to pay for our order, he handed us this card and told us the car in front of us paid for our drinks.It was a little touch from heaven because what this person doesn't know is that I have struggled with depression and PTSD this past year and been in a pretty dark place again recently. I've needed God to show me that He is working even when it feels like my world around me is crashing. So, thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ and listening to a prompting to pay for our drinks tonight because you paid for so much more than that.

Just a willingness to open your eyes!

So what have I done? It’s an ever-changing idea with me. See a person on the side of the road looking for food? That’s an easy one! I head through the nearest drive-thru and take food back to them. See someone stranded with car trouble? Turn around and let them use my phone to call for help. I can promise it’s never made me late to anything. Call up a friend you’ve lost contact with and just check up on them. Who knows but they may be looking for someone to talk to or pray with and you could be missing out on that moment. This has been an awesome experience and a never ending stream of adventures. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money, just a willingness to open your eyes and see what God wants you to see.

God connects people!

An elderly gentleman on oxygen who had been a victim of the tornado, sobbed as our team tore down the destroyed playground in his yard. It had been crushed by trees and was irreparable. He was devastated as he thought that he might not get to see his granddaughter play any longer. As he wept, the team placed the damaged structure by the road....BUT GOD...had another plan! This week, our team was able to return to that home and rebuild a playset and fill the sandbox so the grandchildren could once again play! Don't you just love how God connects people to one another and is interested in even the seemingly little things?

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