We believe that this is the place where significant life change occurs. LifeGroups are where real life and real issues are discussed and true discipleship takes place. This is the environment where we dig deeply into God’s Word and the Sunday morning message to apply it to our lives. We celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another during the tough and disappointing times. It is a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

When do LifeGroups meet?

LifeGroups typically meet weekly, and we have groups meeting each evening, Sunday through Thursday.

Given the current COVID conditions, the current plan is for LifeGroups to resume the week of January 31. Groups that were formed in the fall will resume and meet as they were. We are hoping a few new groups will be available soon.

What about my kids?

On Sunday nights, children, birth-5th grade, will enjoy an extension of our Sunday morning experience called LifeGroup K!DS. At LifeGroup K!DS, children are cared for at the church, free of charge, by our invested college and high school students who will lead them in a lesson and activities that will complement what they learned on Sunday morning in The Big Wahoo and the TreeHouse. If you would for your children to play, learn and grow with us while you’re at LifeGroup, you must pre-register them.  Be sure to read the information before you bring your child so you’ll know what time, where, what to bring, etc.

As with most things this year, LifeGroup K!DS will look a little different. Here are the details:

  • We will only be offering LifeGroup K!DS on Sunday nights.
  • The time frame is 5:00-6:30. You may drop off your child no earlier than 4:45 and pick up by no later than 6:30.
  • Pre-registration is mandatory, but this will be a one time registration as we are working to make sure the classrooms stay smaller. As we are trying to minimize the amount of people within the building, once you sign up, you will be committing your child for the entire 6-week session. Please only sign up your child if you will bring them.
  • Another change for Sunday nights is that we will not be having time for dinner. To minimize shared places within the building and not sharing food with others, we will provide a simple pre-packaged snack for the children.
  • We ask that you make sure you share Jesus and not germs by making sure that your child/family is:
    • Family free of fever for 36 hours without medication
    • Family free of vomiting
    • No runny noses
  • You will still need to check-in your child at the kiosk and obtain a sticker. Once you enter the K!DS area, please follow the directional guides and maintain social distance. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Pre-register for LifeGroup K!DS

What about my middle and high school students?

LifeGroups are designed for adults only. Middle school students, 6th-8th grade, enjoy Middle School Nights on Sunday evenings while parents participate in LifeGroups.

On Wednesday evenings, high school students, 9th-12th grade, gather and dive deeper into God’s Word through worship and group discussion.

How long does a LifeGroup last?

Groups are set to resume meeting the week of January 31 unless the COVID risk is deemed too high to safely gather.

How do I get into a LifeGroup?

Due to current COVID conditions and restrictions, we would ask that you complete the form using the link. A member of our Discipleship team will contact you personally to discuss the best way to connect you to a group. You are also welcome to stop by Connection Central on Sunday, call the church office at 238-7677 or email us at