Women’s Ministry Days of Service

April 14 - 15

ChristWay Women’s Ministry “Days of Service” are an opportunity to spread the LOVE IS WHY message to the community! Volunteer slots are available around the Chattanooga area and all end around Noon. Details for each volunteer assignment are¬†listed in the sign-up so that you can decide what interests you most.


Wherever you go, please remember these basics:

  • Wear closed toe shoes.
  • Consider wearing a “LOVE IS WHY” shirt.
  • Bring your own water bottle and snacks.
  • Come prepared to get dirty.
  • Be on time so you can hear instructions from the agencies.
  • Middle and high school girls are welcome but only if a parent or guardian is coming as well (please do not drop off students under 18).
  • Know that your signup is important in helping us plan accordingly. We understand that plans change and ask that you¬†please cancel your signup as soon as possible should the need arise.



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