Walking Worthy: A Journey to Freedom is a spiritual formation, small working group. It is designed to help participants discover and resolve what is keeping them from a life of freedom that can be theirs in Christ. Participants discover areas of struggle that rob them of the contentment and peace Christ promised. By applying the truth of God’s Word, they confront and resolve the contradictions between what they say they believe and the way they live. Along the journey, participants develop their unique identity in Christ.

ChristWay Partner Experiences:

  • “I get it! I finally get it. Going through Walking Worthy connected some dots in my life and am now able to live in the freedom of knowing I am fully loved, accepted and delighted in.  ‘I am a child of God’ now really means something to me.”
  • “I became aware of some unhealthy ways I related to people (sinful actually.) Once I became aware, learned where it came from and submitted myself to Christ, I now have healthier relationships.”
  • “I thought I had it all together – wrong! In reality, I was a perfectionist and had an ongoing sense of not measuring up.  I drove others crazy and my relationships were strained. Now I know where it originates and how, with God’s help, to change.”
  • “I lived in the darkness of depression. While I still struggle, I am facing my pain and beginning to heal and see the light rather than darkness.”
  • “I always felt guilty. Self-condemnation ran rampant in my head. I now can battle those thoughts by choosing to ‘take every thought captive unto Christ’ and choosing to believe God’s Word – not the lies from my past.  I have the tools to do it.”



Walking Worthy is not a Bible study. It is Biblical principle application combined with behavioral psychology. It was crafted by Elodia Flynn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with over 40 years of counseling experience and a deep faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.


Groups meet as a LifeGroup and are gender specific. Due to the nature of these groups, family members should not participate in the same group.


A group for women will meet on Sunday evenings, 5-7 PM , in the  ChristWay Theatre, beginning September 11 and continuing until April 23, 2023.


A group for men will meet on Tuesday evenings, 6-9 PM, at ChristWay, beginning September 13 and continuing until April 25, 2023.



Thanks to generous support from ChristWay and prior participants, the cost is $50.00 for the materials used during the group. Most groups opt to do a weekend retreat in May. Retreat costs are extra.

If you need financial assistance, please contact Marti Smith at marti.smith01@gmail.com.


ChristWay K!DS will be available on Sunday nights for the Women’s group,  but you must pre-register your children here.

Sorry, no care for children is provided for the men’s group on Tuesday nights.