Walking Worthy: A Journey to Freedom is a 24-week group ministry. Our approach is based on the truths of the Word of God as applied through the philosophy of Exchanged Life, based on Galatians 2:20, and other scriptures related to our identity and sufficiency in Christ.

Walking Worthy – A Journey to Freedom is a 24-week program ending with a 2-day retreat.  It is designed to help participants discover and resolve what is keeping them from a life of freedom that can be theirs in Christ.  Participants discover areas of struggle that rob them of the contentment and peace that Christ has promised.  By applying the truth of God’s Word, participants confront and resolve the contradictions between what they believe and the way they live. The Walking Worthy course does not offer a quick fix for the inevitable trials of life, nor is it a way of changing other people, but a way of learning how to manage and live victoriously in the midst of life’s inevitable problems. This is done in the context of a small group and under the protection of confidentiality. A safe and supportive environment is provided where participants have the opportunity not only to share their struggles, but to resolve them.



All materials for the course are included along with the cost of the hotel for the retreat weekend.  Total program cost is $200.  A minimum of $50 is due at the time of registration with $15 per week being due thereafter until the balance is paid.  Scholarships are available in situations of dire need.


All Facilitators have been course participants themselves and have been specifically trained to lead groups.  Some are professional psychologists or licensed clinical social workers while others are lay workers.



Walking Worthy was developed by Elodia Flynn, LCSW, and has been taught at Woodland Park Baptist Church for years. All lessons are written from a Biblical perspective and contain Truth from the Scriptures. In addition, materials are comprised of valuable insights from many trusted sources and years of practical counseling experience.


Based on a recent survey conducted, 93% of past participants report positive lasting changes in their life after completing the course.  Walking Worthy is not just a bunch of philosophy or good ideas.  It works!  Get ready for seriously practical ideas for healthy spiritual, emotional and mental growth.


A group for men and a group for women will be forming soon, so please check back later to register. You can also let us know you’re interested by email at info@christway.church and we’ll let you know when the next group starts.